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Friday, February 1, 2008


1/250" at f11. ISO 400
October 28th, 2007

I'm always into trying new things, especially ones that don't have a high likelihood of killing me (skydiving, bungie jumping, croc wrestling). In January, I thought I'd take advantage of the large snow storms we've been getting and try cross country skiing and snow shoeing. I can say without a doubt that I prefer the snowshoeing. Cross country skiing just seemed to be too much work for too little fun.

At any rate, I called up my old friend Cari who loves to hike, and off we went to the mountains to try and break a trail through the snow. Except we aren't crazy, so instead we took a trip to a ski resort of 80 kilometers of trails. We mostly stayed on the trails, though a few times, like a picture above, I wanted to capture a sense of isolation. We slogged out through snow that ranged from ankle to thigh deep to get to a half frozen creek running through the forest. It was beautiful out there, and I'll definitely be going back!

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