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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Muir Beach

I haven't done a panorama in quite some time (scroll the photo to the right to see the whole image), but the vista of Muir Beach and the feeling that you're on the edge of the world as you gaze out over the pacific demands something more than an 8X10. This shot was actually taken with our little point and shoot camera and some stitching software which just goes to show that it doesn't take the most expensive equiment to make a memorable photo.

This is actually taken from the hills surrounding the cove, there is a set of stairs which is pretty much murder to walk up. They obviously weren't planned or spaced to make it easy for people to walk up, just to prevent people from falling off the mountain. Still, I think it was worth the aching calves, don't you?

If you'll note in the bottom left corner are two small yellow flowers. They grew on this hill side all alone, I found the little spot charming.

Friday, March 21, 2008

City Hall

This week its architectural time! I'm not really hot on architectural photography. I know a lot of people love the lines and structures, but for me their just buildings. That being said, taking classes is about expanding your horizons and trying new things. Sacramento's City Hall shines a lovely golden hue as the sun sets. I took a couple shots from the front, but it was this shot from the side that captured the character of the building. The highlights and shadows from the columns and stonework really bring out the little details.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Bouquet

Anyone want to catch that bouquet? I know its a little strange sounding, but that's actually a bridal gown and bouquet. I recently had the opportunity to shoot for a wedding magazine. I'm in competition with 8-10 other photographers (including my very talented wife) for the cover as well as trying to get shots for the inside articles.

The reason its a black dress and bouquet is the lead articles are about alternative colors for dresses and not using traditional flowers. So Cristina and I worked to set up a full shoot. We booked a model, found a location, and got a bridal boutique and florist to loan us the gown and flowers. Just organizing it was quite an experience and one I think we did quite well on.

This is one of the shots I took specifically for the flowers article, I love the textures of the dress with the unusual bouquet. I've got more shots of the bridge and the gowns, but I'll save those to post till the magazine comes out. If either Cristina or I make it, you'll hear about it!

P.S. I posted for last week as well so take a look at Grilling!

Friday, March 7, 2008


This shot was taken in the kitchen at Scott's Seafood. My photo instructor invited me along on an ad shoot for the restaurant and I certainly couldn't say no to that. So we're there looking around for shots, the place is packed, and bold as brass he just walks back into the kitchen and starts shooting dishes as they're ready. Then he chats up some of the cooks and shows them the photos he's taking to get them involved. It was a lesson on its own, both that if you act like you're supposed to be there then no one will question you, and if you get the people around you involved then they're more likely to help you.

This shot is of the grill with a barely seen skirt steak being done rare. They've got a spray bottle full of oil which they use to sear the meat. They spray it right on the grill and it flares up 2 feet high. Very cool to watch!