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Friday, February 29, 2008

Climbing the Ladder

1/250" at f6.7. ISO 100
February 26th, 2008

In my current product and advertising class, one of the portfolio assignments is fashion photography. So, our group got together, Cristina set us up at her office (a high end bath and kitchen appliances showroom), Heather brought in a model, I put together a lighting setup andoff we went. The models name is Morgan Beckham and she was great to work with, she will hopefully joining us on our next shoot as well!

I'm particularly pleased with the this photo, I like the contrast of the black urn and tub, the rich dark wood, and the vibrant blue of her dress. I love the way the curves of her body echo the curves of the urn. She's giving a great look to the camera and what do you know... its another red head. This is a good month for red heads.

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Isabelle's Mommy said...

NIce shot! Sounds like you guys are having fun!