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Friday, October 12, 2007

Storm a-Brewin'

1/125" at f8. ISO 200
September 22nd, 2007

Alright, back to a regular posting schedule. Recently, my wife and I wanted to spend a day out, and after finding that it was going to be rainy all over California, chose Mercer Caverns as our destination.

I like to visit caves whenever I get the chance, they're fascinating and beautiful, and best of all there's no water falling from above (except there usually is). On our way there, we hit the little town called Murphys that we didn't even know existed. It had some good wine tasting and a classic car show that day.

We decided to have lunch there after visiting the cave (look for a picture in a future post) and found everything from quaint little churches to mardi gras mannequins. The town library happened to catch my eye.

On a normal day, I'm sure it looks welcoming, the shape and the two picture windows kind of look like a happy face. But that day, the rolling storm clouds above and the quality of light gave the whole thing an ominous feeling. If we weren't in California I'd be looking for the wicked witch flying overhead.

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