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Friday, December 14, 2007


1/125" at f8. ISO 100
October 25th, 2007

Usually I like to keep my photos as I shot them. When I work with them, I'll adjust them for better color and sharpness, but generally I like to keep them realistic without all the artistic filters available in photoshop. Still, sometimes while playing I come across an effect that, in the words of my photo teacher, really blows my skirt up. Yes, he really does say that all the time.

The combination of settings I used while working with the details of this water tower created the look of a painting for me. The separation between each leaf and all the grain in the wood look real and unreal at the same time. The picture is actually of a little gold panning thing for kids out in Calvares County. You can buy a bag of sand and minerals and pan for gold. Each bag is guaranteed to have something interesting in it, just $5.00!

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