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Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Days

1/320 at f7.1. ISO 300
July 28th, 2007

Photography as a hobby can be very expensive. For example, I love taking photos with a telephoto lens but they run in the mid-hundreds for even a decent low end one. Instead I borrow a lens from a friend whenever I can.

When I heard my home town was having a photo contest with a $500 prize, I grabbed my camera and got out there to shoot some winners! (Like I really need a reason to go out and shoot.) The goal was to take pictures showcasing how beautiful Elk Grove is, so I headed down to the little lake at the park and waited for some kids to show up and feed the ducks.

See the ducks? Me neither. They're behind the big wooden pole on the right. I got the kid part though! This photo took me back to the days when feeding the ducks made for a full schedule. I didn't win the prize, but I made a connection with my subject, and thats worth just as much.

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